Property in Turkey

20 years ago, buying a property in Turkey was a dream according to the foreign investors. But improved technology and government support changed this situation.

In particular, projects and investments in recent years, has brought Turkey into an investment heaven. Now, buying a property in Turkey is not as difficult as before. It is also possible to find a suitable house for every budget level.


Almost every city has an investment opportunity for both domestic and foreign investors

Now there are new property projects in all big and small cities in Turkey. Hundreds of housing and business investors are waiting in all major cities, especially in Istanbul. However there are so many options and formalities that it can be very difficult to get done without a guide.

That’s why there are lots of large and small real estate consulting firms. It is important to work with the right real estate consultant to make the right investment. PropertyTR is guiding your real estate investments with 10 years of experience and a professional consultant cadre. To get all these benefits, just visit the PropertyTR website


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